We are excited to announce our new charity partner for 2014, Trees for the Future, a non-profit dedicated to planting trees that not only provide valuable carbon sequestration, they also provide fruit for the people that plant them.  This sustainable food source provides poor communities with means to feed their families and make a living.  Since 1989, TREES has assisted thousands of communities in planting millions of trees in 19 countries including Ghana, which have restored life to land that was previously degraded, deforested, and abandoned.

At Nimbus Eco, we are helping to preserve the planet for future generations and this partnership will increase the positive impacts purchasing our products will create.  So, for every 24 pack of toilet paper you purchase, we will plant a tree.  Not only are you preventing deforestation, you are now reforesting precious land the world over!


For our b2b clients, we are providing additional incentives based on the purchase of cases, trees planted below:

Case of Napkins:                    5 Trees

Case of Toilet Paper:             4 Trees

Case of Hand Towels:           5 Trees

Case of Cups:                         2 Trees

Case of Plates:                       2 Trees


Please take a minute and check out all the great work Trees for the Future is doing at their site here.  We look forward to planting millions of trees of the coming years and we hope you’ll join us in this effort to make the world a better place!