This month we saw the end of a long and contentious campaign in America. The people elected a new President on the national level and each of the 50 states ushered new leaders into various local and state offices. Voters expressed their preferences on matters that affect the individual, the corporation and the population as a whole. From banning plastic bags in California, where Nimbus is headquartered, to the larger issues of which candidate will champion the voters preferences, a lot has been decided. And still a lot remains unknown.

Since Nimbus Eco was founded to lessen the negative impact of our culture on the environment, those related issues are dear to our hearts. Terms like climate change, sustainability, recycled and repurposed tend to have a very sterile ring to them. But in reality, it boils down to simple common sense. Collectively these terms promote minimal impact on the earth’s resources and environment. It really is, we the people, who trigger real improvement in the health of Mother Earth with some very simple, affordable lifestyle choices and habits.

If the political process sometimes leaves you feeling like your hands are tied, here’s five some easy steps towards environmental progress.

  1. Buy Nimbus Eco. Our paper is made from sustainable bamboo and eco-friendly fibers. We are actively seeking other natural, sustainable materials in our research and development efforts.
  2. Recycle your paper, plastic, and glass
  3. Repurpose gear and materials. Paint used furniture, use what you have on hand, pass along unused items to Goodwill or a friend that use it.
  4. Here’s a simple one: Eat the food you buy. Consumers in industrialized countries throw away an estimated 200 million plus tons of food each year. #Yikes!! So next time you plan to go out to eat because you don’t know what you want for dinner, rummage around in the kitchen and put something together. Boil a couple of eggs. See what’s hanging around in the cupboard. Check the freezer.
  5. Get Involved. Support organizations like GreenPeace, Sierra Club, and National Resources Defense Council (NRDC) by donating or even just following them online so you stay informed on the most pressing environmental issues of our time.

Regardless of how each of us votes and how those votes stack up, real environmental impact starts small: one person, one roll of toilet paper at a time.

Whether you are part of our American community or the larger global one, we share this planet and we all need to seek ways to take care of Mother Earth.