In keeping with key retail trends, Target has decided to launch Nimbus Eco’s sustainable, bamboo based products into select Los Angeles stores.  Target, one of the premiere retail destinations in the United States, has chosen to lead the pack and offer the Stratus Line of products to its customers in the LA Area.  Based on sales, we hope the program will expand throughout California and into other green-minded cities across the country.  Please take a look at the interactive map below to see where you can find our products on the LA shelves!

We will have all three of our premiere retail products available for purchase including the 12 and 4 packs of toilet paper and the 2 pack of paper towels.  We will be located on the endcap of the tissue aisle for the next six weeks so you won’t be able to miss it!

Please spread the word and get your friends and family to come in and pick up a few packs!

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