We pride ourselves on innovation and see Nimbus Eco® as more of a cleantech company than a traditional tissue company. We are always looking for the latest technologies to reduce our impact and provide you, the consumer, with better products that don’t break the bank. Blended products from rapidly renewable resources are a new development in the tissue world and the launch of our EcoBlend tissue is the latest in Nimbus Eco’s pursuit of better, more sustainable, and competitively priced products.


Our EcoBlend products are composed of a blend of bamboo and FSC certified fiber that creates a strong, soft, and sustainable tissue. We’ve sourced our bamboo from FSC certified farms, not forests and manufacture our tissue in state of the art facilities, ensuring a minimal environmental impact. Our Stratus line is the first to utilize the EcoBlend technology and will make you a believer in the power of rapidly renewable tissue.