Nimbus Extra Soft 500

Tree Free Toilet Paper for Businesses, Events or the Home

Nimbus Extra Soft has 2-Ply flexibility and strength for a comfortable and confident clean, made from our new 100{f389019c6f755a82ed00f824f27e2d2f73142d1ccb44cd83b7850bd49a3b6412} tree-free bamboo. By choosing Nimbus Extra Soft, you are purchasing high quality, competitively priced tissue paper, with the enormous benefit of working to preserve our planet. Our sustainable toilet tissue is chlorine free and has a high dispersibility, making it safe for vacuum toilet systems and septic tanks.  Harvested on farms not forests, no trees were harmed making our paper.  



  • High Quality and Competitively Priced
  • Soft, Confident Clean
  • 100{f389019c6f755a82ed00f824f27e2d2f73142d1ccb44cd83b7850bd49a3b6412} Bamboo Tissue
  • Chlorine Free Bleaching
  • 500 Sheets
  • 2 Ply


Growth in inches per month

[bra_graph_container][bra_graph Title=”Bamboo Growth” Percent=”100″][bra_graph Title=”Timber Growth” Percent=”2″][/bra_graph_container]


Our bamboo grows naturally and does not require the use of pesticides, herbicides, or irrigation, growing only from the natural rainfall it receives. Unlike many other resources, bamboo does not require gas guzzling tractors to harvest and bring to production, our bamboo is harvested by hand making it truly sustainable.


Go Blue

To the faithful practitioners of recycling, upcycling and organic gardening, the reliable purchasers of eco-friendly packaging, loyal composters, and the millions of people who have intentionally adopted daily rituals in the cause of environmentalism…thank you for being green.  Ready to take your respect for planet and people one step further? Then it’s time to ‘Go Blue.’ ‘Blue’ is the color of sustainability. It is the next step in the green movement, and the future of environmentalism.  Join Us. [/two_thirds_last]