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Nimbus’ earth-friendly products are on a mission to take care of your home and family.  From bamboo tissue to reusable straws and chemical-free wipes, we help you make an impact by providing sustainable products that are better for you and better for the planet. The fact is we all go, we all wipe (hopefully), we all use single-use products, and we all live here on earth – our home, and she needs us more than ever.

We must pay attention to the hundred years of damage deforestation has done, the decades of plastic use that has found its way to the oceans, and the burning of fossil fuels that are driving climate change and the slow but steady degradation of our home. The truth is we are evolving and not resolving the core problems that are driving these trends and the time is now to make a difference.

We believe in holding ourselves accountable for a better and greener tomorrow without compromising the quality of our products or values.  Start making an impact today with Nimbus’ sustainable products.

how it started

Back in 2012, our co-founder traveled to Bukit Lawang in Northern Sumatra to film a documentary (watch below) on deforestation and how it was effecting the endangered orangutan and wildlife populations who have seen their land decimated by palm oil and paper operations. After coming back from this trip and learning more about the devastating effects many consumer products have on the environment, our co-founders decided it was time to take a different approach to paper and tissue by using sustainable bamboo instead of trees, Nimbus was born!

why this, why now?

The world needs eco-conscious products now more than ever and little steps make a difference. From bamboo tissue to reusable straws and chemical-free wipes, every purchase you make speaks volume and creates change.

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About Us
About Us
About Us

Customer Testimonials

“I love this product! The Stratus TP is soft like other tissue I’ve used and has the added benefit of being sustainable from bamboo!  I’ve been recommending to all my friends and family!”
Lauri, California

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