About Us

Nimbus Eco® is a customer-oriented, sustainable paper products company that sells the most innovative eco-friendly tissue products to the retail, commercial, and hospitality markets. Utilizing a diverse range of tree-free and hybrid tissues, we help you dramatically cut your carbon footprint and save you money. Make an impact with a simple switch.



Our philosophy is simple, create better products that are truly eco-friendly so that we can help the world’s inhabitants lessen their impact on the environment, and preserve the planet for future generations. We believe the one true way to make a difference in this world is to create innovative new products and to have a strong set of partners that allow us to make a real impact.


Nimbus Eco® was founded in 2012 because there was a clear and obvious lack of options when it came to sustainable tissue and paper. Founders Mark Samuels and Josh Askin, longtime friends raised on Southern California’s beaches and mountains, saw how climate change was not only effecting their favorite hobbies like snowboarding, but the planet as a whole. They decided to set out on a journey to make the most eco-friendly tissue products in an attempt to reduce our collective carbon footprint and make the planet a better place for our children. Today, Nimbus Eco® offers some of the most eco-friendly tissue products on the market and continues to push the market in a more sustainable direction.