Nimby receives 2022 Nexty Award for Best New Personal Care or Beauty Product

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nimby nexty award winner new hope natural products

Nimby Expanding Towels Awarded at Expo East 2022

19 brands named winners of a coveted NEXTY Award

Nimbus is one of only 23 winners of the New Hope Network 2022 Expo East NEXTY Awards for outstanding new products in the natural products industry. The Nimby Expanding Towel has won Best New Personal Care or Beauty Product, beating strong competition for the title.

NEXTY Awards are given to products that display outstanding innovation, inspiration, and integrity. These products help drive the underlying goal of the natural products industry to deliver more healthful, trusted, and sustainable products to consumers.

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Nimbus was one of 73 finalists selected by a panel of natural products industry experts from nearly 600 nominated products across 19 categories. The award winners were announced virtuallyalong with the two NEXTY Editors’ Choice and the two NEXTY Consumer Choice winners—on September 21, 2022, prior to the in-person show the following week.

nimby expo east nexty winner best new beauty or personal care product

“The team at Nimbus is proud to receive acknowledgment for this amazing product that helps consumers with everyday hygiene in a zero plastic and zero chemical format.  These versatile towels are going to redefine sustainable hygiene in the post-covid era and we’re excited for more customers to experience this product for themselves,” stated Josh Askin, EVP of Sales for Nimbus.

“We consider ourselves industry experts on the New Hope Network editorial team. Through extensive debate and deliberation, we have carefully selected 23 outstanding brands that are pushing the natural products industry towards a healthier and more sustainable future for people and planet,” says Adrienne Smith, who manages the NEXTY Awards program at New Hope Network. “To rise above more than six hundred other nominations is an incredible feat. We are incredibly excited about these products and the impact they can have on our food system. The winners of our NEXTY Awards inspire change and integrity in everything from ingredients to packaging.”

The NEXTY Awards is a biannual awards program connected to New Hope Network’s in-person and digital events. They were created to recognize the pinnacle of excellence in the natural products industry, elevating impactful brands and products that inspire a healthy, sustainable future for people and planet. Learn about the NEXTY Awards and take a look at all of this year’s winners here.

This year’s NEXTY Awards winners are:

  • Best New Personal Care or Beauty Product:
    • Nimbus Eco, Nimby Expanding Towels
  • Best New Beverage:
    • Sunboy, Passion Fruit Spiked Coconut Water
  • Best New Condiment, Sauce and/or Dip:
    • Fila Manila Filipino American Kitchen, Banana Ketchup
  • Best New Condition-Specific Supplement:
    • Better Being Company, Solaray SharpMind Mood
  • Best New Frozen Product:
    • Kvarøy Arctic, Original Salmon Hot Dogs
  • Best New Functional Food or Beverage:
    • Numi Organic Tea, Stay Healthy De-Stress Tea
  • Best New Meat or Dairy Alternative:
    • Spero Foods, Smoked ‘Salmon’ Sunflower Cream Cheese
  • Best New Meat, Dairy or Animal-Based Product:
    • Pasturebird, Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts
  • Best New Natural Living Product:
    • Nantucket Spider, Nantucket Footprint Window Cleaning Set
  • Best New Organic or Regenerative Organic Certified Product:
    • Simpli, Regenerative Organic Certified Tri-Color Quinoa
  • Best New Pantry Food:
    • Otto’s Naturals, Grain-Free Baking Powder
  • Best New People-Forward Product:
    • Clean Cause, Orange Ginger Sparkling Yerba Mate
  • Best New Planet-Forward Product:
    • Neutral Foods, Carbon Neutral Organic Whole Milk
  • Best New Product Supporting a Plant-Based Lifestyle:
    • Atlantic Sea Farms, Basil Pesto Sea-Veggie Burgers
  • Best New Savory or Salty Snack:
    • Fillo’s, Bean Salsa Verde Walking Tamales
  • Best New Special Diet Food:
    • Fody Food Co., Salsa Verde
  • Best New Supplement:
    • Xyngular, Complete Probiotic
  • Best New Sweet Snack or Dessert:
    • Revolution Gelato, Plant-Based Pumpkin Gelato Pie
  • Best New Sweet Snack:
    • Joolies, Jooliettes Blood Orange Dark Chocolate Date Nibbles

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