Getting to Know Bamboo, Mother Earth’s Friend

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In our continuous search to develop and manufacture the best eco-friendly tissue on Earth, we head to the source of our key raw material, China.  Our founders spent a few weeks in July overseeing production and doing research and development on several new products and innovative tissue blends that will be coming to a store and office near you.


Racks upon racks upon racks

We enjoyed the opportunity to see bamboo in it’s natural habitat. Come along with us and get acquainted with Mother Nature’s best friend: bamboo.


The first step in production of bamboo paper products is growing the bamboo. Bamboo is actually a very fast growing grass. In fact, it is the fastest-growing plant on the planet. This makes frequent harvesting possible without causing damage to the ecosystem. Compare that to hardwood which can take forty years + to be ready for harvest, bamboo is more sustainable by a factor of 20.

Bamboo grows right on the China countryside as opposed to growing in planted rows like one might imagine.  The countryside is clean, green, beautiful, and during the summer months, hot and humid. There are no pesticides or fertilizers used and all the water comes naturally from the sky.


Once bamboo is ready for harvest, it is cut and laid on it’s side to dry in preparation for processing and production of a variety of bamboo products.



The dried bamboo is then processed into chips which is then converted into pulp and ultimately, our Nimbus tissue products.


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