Modern Deforestation Trends: The Good and Bad

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Tackling deforestation was the catalyst for creating Nimbus Eco, a simple idea that by sourcing our paper from bamboo and other non-tree sources, we could begin to make a real dent in this epidemic and create a better world.  Our reach is still small compared to companies like Kimberly Clark and Georgia Pacific but every day we grow larger and eventually, we believe the big companies will have to change.   Although there have been some positive changes in deforestation trends over the last few years, we are still tearing down our forests at an incredible and unsustainable rate.  Outside of destroying precious, ecologically sensitive areas, the emissions caused by deforestation add up to a staggering 15{f389019c6f755a82ed00f824f27e2d2f73142d1ccb44cd83b7850bd49a3b6412} of the global greenhouse gas emissions.  So in an effort to give you an idea of whats currently happening, we’ve laid out a few stats for you below, both good and bad.  It’s up to us to make the changes necessary to reduce our impact, and purchasing tree free toilet paper is just one of many steps.


The Good

  1. An increase in the crops used to replace traditional trees, specifically Bamboo, produce up to 35{f389019c6f755a82ed00f824f27e2d2f73142d1ccb44cd83b7850bd49a3b6412} more oxygen than an equivalent stand of trees.
  2. There has been a 70{f389019c6f755a82ed00f824f27e2d2f73142d1ccb44cd83b7850bd49a3b6412} drop in the rate of deforestation of the Amazon over the last decade.  That reduction in deforestation prevented 3.2 billion tons of carbon dioxide emissions, equal to the savings that would have been achieved by taking all cars off American roads for three years.
  3. In 2014, two dozen companies ranging from paper companies like Asia Paper and Pulp to consumer product goods giant Johnson & Johnson, pledged to sustainably source their raw material, effectively ending their deforestation practices.
  4. Global Forest Watch now monitors in real time, the deforestation occurring across the globe.  Anyone with an internet connection can access near real time data on when and where deforestation is occurring.  This management tool will dramatically reduce illegal activity and help governments more accurately monitor their forests.
  5. The private sector has pledged to donate 365M dollars to restore devastated habitat across Central and Southern America.

The Bad

  1. If current trends continue, we will have all but lost our natural rain forests in just over 100 years.
  2. The United States has less than 5{f389019c6f755a82ed00f824f27e2d2f73142d1ccb44cd83b7850bd49a3b6412} of the worlds population yet we consume almost 30{f389019c6f755a82ed00f824f27e2d2f73142d1ccb44cd83b7850bd49a3b6412} of the paper produced annually.
  3. Up to 28,000 species are expected to become extinct in the next 25 years due to deforestation.
  4. On average, a US citizen uses over 700 pounds of paper per year.
  5. Demand for consumer goods continue to rise which puts increasing demand on our forests worldwide, making the need for sustainable products ever more important.

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