No Wonder Toilet Paper was Invented!

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Imagine the world before toilet paper, or the world just a while ago during the pandemic! It made us reflect that we often take toilet paper for granted, right? Along with other things, like our atmosphere. We finally saw what clean air and rainwater could do to our skies and how beautiful our sunsets and stars look. But, back to toilet paper, its mere existence has only been for less than 200 years! Can you imagine what people used before? 

Just Imagine: 

No Wonder Toilet Paper was Invented!The ancient Greeks used stones and clay for their, ahem, toilet needs. 


No Wonder Toilet Paper was Invented!

The Romans got inventive and attached a sponge to a long stick. They kept it in a bucket of saltwater, and everyone in the community would use the same one! Hmmm, talk about sharing.  

Even cozier than the sponge sharing, Caesar and his friends had a marble bench in the “community bathroom” with holes in it, and everyone sat side by side while they, well, you know?  


No Wonder Toilet Paper was Invented!

The first Americans used corn cobs to wipe their bums. Corn!


No Wonder Toilet Paper was Invented!

And once printed almanacs and newspapers were readily available, these became the wipe of choice. What a great way to be informed and efficient.  

Fun fact:  

Outhouses had a nail on the wall where almanacs with a hole drilled through them hung, just for this purpose.   It’s no wonder that an innovative American, John Gayetty, got creative and came up with the first actual paper just for toilet use in 1857. John was so proud of his product that his name was embossed on each of the sheets. Can’t you just hear the naysayers cautioning John “No one will buy it!” And in fact, the success was short-lived, because people preferred to use the above “recycled” paper. Happily, in 1890, two brothers, Clarence and E. Irvin Scott brought toilet paper on a roll to reality.  

We’ll bet a case of tree-free toilet paper that neither Mr. Gayetty nor the Scott brothers ever imagined how many trees would ultimately be cut down to accommodate the hygiene practices of our 21st-century burgeoning population. With the world population estimated to grow to nearly 10 billion by 2050, the availability of natural resources will increasingly decline. And since we flush 27,000 trees a day down the toilet today, and it’s some 161 years since we started this commercial process, think how many trees have already been sacrificed!  The good news is that we don’t have to give up toilet paper to save our trees. Nimbus Eco Tree-Free toilet paper is a blend of farmed bamboo and post-consumer recycled paper. Easy peasy. Just trade your regular paper for our soft, lovely tree-free paper and you’re already helping save Mother Earth.

Let’s work together on this. Let’s continue to enjoy the luxury of disposable toilet paper, without sacrificing one of our earth’s greatest resources in the process. Nimbus can help! You can purchase our paper online or on Amazon. And please, request it at your local grocery store, restaurants, or favorite hotels! 


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